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What we do best - have fun, make money and give it all away.

Angels Over Sandpoint has donated countless volunteer hours giving back to the Bonner County community - everything from hauling boxes of school supplies and unloading backpacks in preparation for our Back to
School program in the fall, to interviewing students for our varied scholarship programs.

Our volunteers have donated their time for activities such as creating holiday decorations for our annual Kinderhaven Tree auction donation, as well as stacking firewood and dropping off home-cooked meals to those unable to leave their homes in the winter.

All of our efforts require monetary support and much of our time is spent fundraising. The Follies is our most popular annual fundraiser, which has delighted fans since 2003. We continue to sell out the Panida Theater for this raucous variety show. Our annual Italian Open Golf Scramble is a terrific fundraising event for the golf enthusiast. 

We have also sponsored High Teas, New Year’s Eve Dances and local celebrity 'roasts'; sold holiday cards with artwork from local artists and beautiful calendars filled with the talent of local photographers. We have sold cookbooks, held yard sales, and auctioned donated items, BUT we still rely on individual donations from generous folk who appreciate our efforts to help our neighbors.

The Follies

More fun than humans should be allowed!

Welcome to our signature fundraiser - The Follies! Since 2003, we have been presenting some of the best talent Sandpoint, and the world, has to offer (in our humble opinion.) Come early March, at the Panida Theater, after months of rehearsal and making costumes and sets, the excited performers are ready


to explode in fireworks of laughter and craziness. Be prepared to experience fun like never before (well, at least since last year). If you find that you aren’t laughing, you’re probably in the wrong place!


The money raised from the Follies provides the necessary funding to carry out our mission of helping those in need in our community. We need your help to continue making a difference, and the Follies is one of our primary vehicles to raise the money. We can’t do it without you. Even the Follies performers and volunteers pay for their own tickets to help out.

Another important part of the Angels Over Sandpoint mission is to provide events that bring people together to celebrate life—and what is more full of life than the fabulous Follies?! It’s time to come out of hibernation, help others, and party! Remember, this is a slightly “naughty” comedy show with continuous laughs, so you don't want to miss it.

Follies videos courtesy of Suzen Fiskin Photograhy

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Italian Open Golf Scramble

This annual Charity Golf Scramble benefits  local student scholarships in the Lippi family name and Angels Over Sandpoint's mission to support Bonner County residents in need. It is held in September every year. Teams of four golfers play in this fun 18-hole scramble which includes lunch, games and a dinner provided by Ivano’s and served on the 19th green!

Angels Lazy A_edited_edited.jpg

Members of Angels Over Sandpoint like to have fun while raising money for the Bonner County community. If you want to have fun too, join us for our first Lazy A .08K and to hear music by Miah Kohal Band at MickDuff's Beerhall Saturday, August 24, 2019. Registration starts at 11am, followed by some beer drinking and then we will get around to the start of the race! Most important, the music also starts at 11 am.

dancers 450 pxl.jpg

Angel Dances

The Angels love a good dance. Many great dance fundraisers have been held at the City Forum, the Events Center and other local venues. 

Last year's dance at the Dover Barn was in celebration of 20 years of the Angels in service to the communities of Bonner County. Follow us on Facebook or subscribe to the newsletter to hear about our next fundraiser.

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