Who We Are


Board of Directors 2021-2022

Alyse Ruggles, President

Shanna Yarbrough, Vice President

Dona Fuller, Treasurer

Kate McAlister, Secretary


Carolyn Sorentino

Dee Bailey

Kellie Murray

Olivia Luther

Merry Brown-Hayes

Our Mission

It is the mission of the Angels Over Sandpoint to honor the memory of the Angels who have gone before us by helping those in need in our community.

Our Vision

Live, Laugh, Lighten the Load

Our Values

We value each other as individuals

We embrace the gift of life

We believe in the power of community

We contribute in a positive and non-political way


Kathy Pelland 1949-1997

Our History

Sandpoint is a special place for reasons far beyond its glorious mountains and lake; it’s home to special people who embrace the value of living in a small community, of knowing your neighbors, and lending a helping hand in need. This selfless spirit directly inspired the formation of the Angels Over Sandpoint.


In 1997, when long-time Sandpoint resident Kathy Pelland died tragically at the hands of an oncoming drunk driver on the Long Bridge, hundreds of people turned out for her memorial. In sharing stories and recollections, a common phrase was repeated over and over: “Kathy helped me when…” Invariably a story would follow about how she had been a good friend, regardless of time or circumstance, and had always lifted spirits without ever letting anyone down.

Kathy’s untimely death provided the inspiration for a group of friends to carry on her spirit and the Angels Over Sandpoint group was formed. From that first few, membership has grown to over 70 individuals who continue to raise money with fun-filled events and sponsor numerous programs to give back to the citizens of Bonner County.

With original monies from the Kathy Pelland Memorial Fund, the Angels added to the pot. We staged gala fun and fundraising dances. The first big contribution was $3,000 to help finish the Sagle Bike Path. From that point on, we have balanced fundraising with giving and helping, carrying on in the spirit of the Angels. We have since helped many families and individuals in need. Since 1997, Angels Over Sandpoint has raised over 1.4 million dollars and contributed money, time, and a helping hand to hundreds of local people to continue Kathy’s tradition of helping neighbors in need.

"Kathy helped me when..." 

The inspiring words that started it all.


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